THE BUCKET LIST It’s time to start dreaming.  With more than 30 World Tour Championship races next year – all with qualifying spots to XTERRA Worlds – it’s just a matter of what your dream destination looks like.     XTERRA has races at sea level and altitude, with swims in lakes, rivers, and oceans – [...]

Tests & Experts

Material testing : Fizik R3B Uomo shoes

  Philippe Gilbert, Geraint Thomas but also the French Jeremy Roy or Steve Chainel have one thing in common : all of them ride with Fizik R3B Uomo. Hand-made in Italy, these shoes are part of a range of 4 models in 2016, above the R5B and R4B and below the premium model R1B.   [...]

Photos & Vidéos

YOGA for Runners to read in TrimaX#158

  The regular practice of yoga allows to improve the endurance, the mental strength and to make your muscles more flexible. Having a flexible swim, keeping an aerodynamic posture on the bike and extending your stride are three dimensions that any triathlete is looking for. Last month BONK has interested in the benefits of yoga [...]

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