The island of Lanzarote embraced yet another edition of the IRONMAN Lanzarote this weekend, in which 1616 triathletes from 54 different nations started and where the men’s title was impressively seized by Italian Alessandro Degasasperi, the first Alpian ever to win this race, with a time of 8:56:50. He was shortly afterwards followed by Germany’s Christian Kramer (8:59:31)  and Swiss Mauro Baertsch (9:04:46).

Changeable climatic conditions characterized today’s course varying from a strong ocean current during the swim, strong winds, a smattering of rain during the bike course topped off by hot windy conditions throughout the marathon, where the Italian champion finalised his great performance with a marathon split of 2:47:16. Second placed Christian Kramer managed very good splits in both the swim and bike sections but unfortunately slipped in the marathon losing the lead to Degasasperi.

For our winner Alessandro Degasaperi this was a “fantastic victory” after a series of injuries and recuperation on which he declared “Lanzarote is a true IRONMAN, one of the most authentic where drafting is impossible and being so tough he knew he would have an advantage here”.

Vice champion, Christian Kramer felt it had been a “really hard day, the bike was very tough, I had put a disk wheel which was a good move, but I lost my drink at La Santa and I had to wait until reaching the special food station to get the one I needed. That’s no excuse though, maybe I went too strong and I paid for it on the run, I knew that Alessandro is really strong and today he was just that little bit better,” concluded the German.

On finishing in third place, Swiss Mauro Baertsch explained that “he hadn’t expected that with the high level of athletes that started today, though it’s a hilly route and I had prepared especially for that. When I started the run I wasn’t too concerned about my own rhythm, I wasn’t that consistent and I did what I could and when I realised that I had a shot at improving my fourth position I went hard and I’m so happy to have done it.”

Miquel Blanchart came in just short of the podium despite being the best Spaniard overall (9:10:26), and didn’t manage to improve on his two previous second places of the last two years. Fifth placed Belgian Bert Jammaer, twice champion of this event in 2008 and 2009 officially retired from professional triathlon on completing this race today, and the best Canarian in nineteenth position with a time of 09:54:12 as Christian Martin Guerrero.


A well-known IRONMAN Lanzarote figure, Ain-Alar Junanson who won in 2005 and 2006 finished in a respectable twenty fifth place on running as an age grouper.


The women’s result became clear fairly early on into the race as Germany’s Diana Riesler made the finish line her own in 09:56:04 with an impressive bike split. Almost fifteen minutes later came her nearest rival, Austrian Michi Heribauer (10:13:59) followed by Great Britain’s Caroline Livesey in 10:31:57).

Winner Diana Riesler, after crossing the line, explained that she “had decided on a race plan with her coach the previous day, and that was to concentrate on her Watts on the bike course, and not pay too much attention to the others. At the bike to run transition I didn’t know how much difference there was between myself and Michi, so I just carried on with my strategy and it worked well.” Beamed the champion.”

British Caroline Livesey who took third place in Puerto del Carmen showed to be surprised by her good result, “it’s the first IRONMAN podium I’ve had so far, I work full time as a Chartered Engineer and I love my job, though it leaves little time for training so this result is fantastic. I’m not really aiming for Hawaii though, I love my job and I don’t plane to leave it to become a full time professional. I really enjoyed the event, the wind and the hills seem to suit me having trained a lot in Yorkshire”

Just missing the podium was Asian athlete Shiao-Yu Li, from Taiwan after recording the best marathon split (10:33:43). Spain’s strongest female was Lanzarote-based Galician Saleta Castro who came in seventh place and unfortunately unable to better her third place best in Lanzarote.

Once again athletes resounded their appreciation of the warm reception of the Lanzarote crowds and the selfless effort shown by volunteers who stood by to help during the whole race.

As the hours went by the finish line was coloured by emotional displays and tales of joy, from those arriving depleted of all resources, fathers greeted by their little ones as well as a marriage proposal where a triathlete immediately took to his knees on crossing the line to request his girlfriend’s hand.

What never ceases to amaze is the priceless handshake and Reception by Kenneth Gasque of each and every finisher after 24 years of IRONMAN Lanzarote, awarding the sought after medal to proud Ironmen and women.

The next IRONMAN Lanzarote promises to be extraordinary with its 25th anniversary celebrations, and once again the island’s tranquil roads will thrive with around 2000 triathletes from a multitude of nations to commemorate this historic date. Registration will open within the next week for IRONMAN Lanzarote 2016.

TOP 10 hommes:

1 Degasperi, Alessandro IT 00:51:10 05:12:12 02:47:15 08:56:49
2 Kramer, Christian DE 00:48:20 05:05:51 02:59:14 08:59:30
3 Baertsch, Mauro CH 00:52:04 05:10:48 02:54:13 09:04:45
4 Blanchart Tintó, Miquel ES 00:48:33 05:24:26 02:51:42 09:10:25
5 Jammaer, Bert BE 00:48:25 05:09:27 03:08:17 09:12:05
6 Herlbauer, Daniel AT 00:51:26 05:20:29 03:07:24 09:25:58
7 Marques, Sergio PT 00:54:42 05:29:57 02:56:58 09:27:58
8 Clarke, Will GB 00:48:19 05:17:29 03:16:36 09:28:31
9 Bruns, Malte DE 00:53:28 05:27:41 03:02:14 09:32:46
10 Lassonde, Cedric GB 00:53:36 05:23:22 03:14:21 09:39:15

TOP 10 femmes:

1 Riesler, Diana DE 00:55:40 05:37:11 03:16:20 09:56:03
2 Herlbauer, Michi AT 00:53:21 05:58:16 03:15:05 10:13:49
3 Livesey, Caroline GB 00:58:47 05:59:25 03:25:52 10:31:56
4 Li, Shiao-Yu TW 01:05:31 06:07:41 03:12:47 10:33:42
5 Walter, Verena DE 00:57:52 06:06:20 03:32:47 10:44:40
6 Jensen, Anne DK 01:06:27 05:54:31 03:39:54 10:48:40
7 Castro, Saleta ES 00:53:42 06:09:27 03:41:01 10:52:23
8 Stevens, Alena GB 00:57:52 06:22:27 03:27:16 10:54:59
9 Bevilaqua, Kate AU 00:53:49 06:13:20 03:42:08 10:58:04
10 Fondermann, Rebecca DE 01:06:42 06:14:50 03:28:53 10:59:49

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