Danish ceramic bearing specialists, CeramicSpeed, unveils long-term warranty program to cover their entire product range of single bearings, bottom brackets, pulley wheels and wheel kits.

Since the company’s beginning back in 2004, product performance and longevity of a product have been at the forefront of the CeramicSpeed manufacturing process. Hand assembled in Denmark, CeramicSpeed produces high performing bottom brackets, pulley wheels, wheel bearing upgrade kits, along with a mass range of single bearings. In a move, the company regard as « the obvious next step », CeramicSpeed applies a 4 and 6 year’s warranty period towards their standard and coated line of products.
Ever since CeramicSpeed founder, Jacob Csizmadia introduced the first ceramic bearing to cycling back in 2000, the company has been setting the standard for ceramic bearing performance. This has always been high priority and an essential part of the Danish company’s philosophy.

« When I introduced the first ceramic bearing into cycling back in 2000, I did so with knowledge that the lifetime properties and frictional performance were superior over any steel bearing. Today, CeramicSpeed continues forward with the same ethos. »
A demonstration of the superior quality and longevity of CeramicSpeed bearings is something recognizable among Pro Tour teams. CeramicSpeed continues to be the most trusted ceramic bearing provider for a large number of Pro Tour cycling teams. Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, Team Tinkoff-Saxo and Astana Pro Team are the known teams riding CeramicSpeed products.
« It is not uncommon for our Pro Tour teams to operate on the same set of bearings for two complete seasons » highlights Managing Director, Martin Banke. « If we take into consideration how many miles the bikes are going through. How harsh the environments and conditions are throughout the spring classics and grand tours. The obvious next step was for us to introduce a warranty program that reflected this level of performance and trust in a product. »

Introduced with immediate effect, the CeramicSpeed warranty program will see a 4-year warranty applied to all of their standard line products; single bearings, bottom brackets, pulley wheels and wheel upgrade kits. The company offers a coated version on almost all products within the range. The CeramicSpeed coated line of products is manufactured to further increase longevity with additional friction gains. All coated products will carry a 6-year warranty.
The warranty program offers you the opportunity to register your product just after purchase. Together with the registration, you will have the opportunity to up-load the receipt that is mandatory should a claim occur. CeramicSpeed will then be able to keep track of all the information necessary. Full details of the CeramicSpeed warranty program, along with maintenance guidelines and instruction videos can be found online at www.ceramicspeed.com.

About CeramicSpeed
CeramicSpeed was founded in 2004 with all products handmade at the company HQ in Denmark. The company specializes in ceramic bearings for the cycling industry, distributed in more than 20 countries. Pro Tour teams such as Team Tinkoff-Saxo, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step and Astana Pro Team are riding CeramicSpeed products. Within MTB, the company is proud sponsor of BETCH.nl Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team. Additionally, CeramicSpeed products are ridden by some of the world’s leading triathletes; Frederik Van Lierde, Craig Alexander, Leanda Cave, Gwen Jorgensen, Rachel Joyce, Meredith Kessler, Tyler Butterfield, Tim Don as well as Greg and Laura Bennett among others.

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