XTERRA Global LLC, owners and producers of the XTERRA World Tour, today announced a strategic partnership with Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Industrial Company, LTD, to bring the XTERRA Kunming off-road triathlon and sports festival to OCT Yangzong Lake Resort in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, on the weekend of September 21-22, 2019.

The international expansion for XTERRA into Southwest China represents a bold new step for XTERRA, which boasts off-road triathlon and trail running events in 30 countries worldwide.

“It’s a land of opportunity with tremendous growth potential,” said XTERRA President Janet Clark.  “We’re excited to share the Live More spirit of XTERRA with the people of China, and also to invite the XTERRA Tribe to join us in Kunming and discover a truly magnificent destination rich in culture and natural beauty.”

The venue is well known for its mountains, lakes, forests, grasslands and caves; and boasts a bird’s eye view of the centuries-old Yunnan-Vietnam Railway.

Nicolas Lebrun, a former XTERRA World Champion triathlete and the director of XTERRA Europe, is helping design the course and hosting educational clinics in China on coaching, training, and course management.

“Kunming is a great destination for XTERRA,” said Lebrun.  “The course itself is beautiful and has a good mix of single track, big climbs, and open spaces for passing. It’s a real adventure. Visitors will love it as there is comfort all around.  There is a small town to explore the local shops, culture, and restaurants, and the food is delicious.  The whole experience is fascinating, and I look forward to celebrating the inaugural event with everyone in September.”

XTERRA Kunming is the last of five majors on the 2019 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour, offering up $25,000 USD elite prize money, 100-point scale scoring, and 51 qualifying spots for amateurs into their choice of the 2019 or 2020 XTERRA World Championship race in Maui.

The Kunming race will combine a 1.5-kilometer swim in the azure-colored Yangzong Lake with a 30K two-loop mountain bike through the regions’ famous purple sage flowers, and a 10K trail run that twists along mountain and lake trails.  In addition to the main event on Sunday, Sept. 22, XTERRA Kunming will feature trail running and mountain bike races on Saturday, Sept. 21.

“Beyond the races, visitors will be treated to world-class hospitality, singing and dancing, and the simple way of life found among the 26 ethnic groups in the area,” said Clark.  “Their distinct ethnic characteristics can be seen in their colorful customs, unique cuisine, gorgeous clothing, and stunning architecture.”

Learn more about XTERRA and the Asia-Pacific Tour, get tips on traveling to Kunming, and find race, destination, and registration information online at www.xterraplanet.com.

About OCT
As the top tourist attraction group, Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT) was founded in 1985, headquartered in Shenzhen, is a central enterprise directly managed by SASAC of the State Council. OCT Group has the largest number of theme parks and resorts in China including Beautiful China, Window of the World, Happy Valley and East Overseas Chinese Town. It receives more than 40 million visitors each year and is the only Asian tourist attraction group that ranks among the top four in the world.

OCT Yunnan is a large-scale comprehensive vacation project created by OCT Group and Yunnan City Investment Corporation. OCT Kunming Yangzong Lake resort covers 7 square kilometers with total investment of more than 6 billion RMB and positioned as an ecotourism demonstration area and an international class leisure resort. Learn more at chinaoct.com.

XTERRA is a sports lifestyle brand that produces authentic race experiences and apparel for the outdoor enthusiast.  In 2019, XTERRA will celebrate its 24th season by hosting off-road triathlon and trail running events in 30 countries. XTERRA also offers premium, performance apparel and accessories for the trail and beyond. Learn more at xterraplanet.com.

2019 XTERRA Kunming Preview

Rules for Amateurs & Elites

For amateur racers competing in the 2019 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour the rules are simple; every race counts and most points wins. Elites racing in the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour count their best three out of five races.

There are two 100-point scale “Gold” races and three 75-point scale “Silver” races.

Gold races: Kenting and Kunming
Silver races: Rotorua, Moorea, and Marunuma

Gold 100-Point Scale Breakdown Silver 75-Point Scale Breakdown
Place Points Place Points
1st 100 1st 75
2nd 90 2nd 67
3rd 82 3rd 61
4th 75 4th 56
5th 69 5th 51
6th 63 6th 47
7th 58 7th 43
8th 53 8th 39
9th 49 9th 36
10th 45 10th 33
11th 41 11th 30
12th 37 12th 27
13th 34 13th 25
14th 31 14th 23
15th 28 15th 21

Date – Race – Location – Elite Purse $USD
March 30 – XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship GOLD – Kenting, TW – $25,000
April 6 – XTERRA New Zealand Silver – Rotorua – $7,300
May 31 – XTERRA Tahiti Silver – Moorea – $7,500
Sept 15 – XTERRA Japan Silver – Marunuma – $7,500
Sept 22 – XTERRA Kunming GOLD – Kunming – $25,000
*$10,000 Tour Bonus paid to top five men/women elites in final standingsFull details are online at www.xterraasiapacific.com

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