AG Sportbags‘00’ Only One,

travel bag 100% func-tio-nal !

PHOTO 1This month, we tested the travel bag ‘00’ Only One by AG Sportbags. 100% functional for travel, go to work or play sport. Try yourself … and you will rapidly get addicted to it !

Test realized by Sebastien RODRIGUEZ, photos SR©copyrights / test published in TrimaX-hebdo Magazine#138 _ march 2015






Over 20 years of travel experience …

Hundreds of flights, train trips and thousands of kilometers inspired the creation of the Only One bag by AG SPORTBAGS.

At the origin of this innovation, Andy Gugenheimer, a businessman traveling worldwide, who one day review his past 20 years of travel experience during which he acquired quite significant expertise in travel equipments. Never really satisfied by the bags he used, he decided in 2009 to raise the challenge and create THE bag that would perfectly answer his needs.

After 2 years of development, 1 year of collaboration with experienced designers, plus another year to prototype the “Only One” – the 100 % functional bag was born. The first Only One was launched in February 2013.




Icons are drawn inside the bag, clearly visible when packing the bag. These icons can serve as a reminder, to avoid forgetting anything. They are again drawn on each compartment to help you pack your staff in its strategic place. Easy access to all compartments, etc …


Like a dressing room

The bag opens in two completely separated flat compartments, like a suitcase, making access very easy to all parts. It also includes an integrated but removable bag for toiletries, a special bag for shoes and a rain cover. The upper edge pocket can easily be opened from the inside and the outside.


Attention to detail, store everything in the right place !



Different sizes for different purposes

The Only One bag is declined in 3 versions to adapt to every length of stay. By the way, Sportbags does not use the usual metric units (i.e. volume), they talk about the duration of a stay. This really helps to better chose a travel bag.

The MEDIUM size for daily trips or short stays. Less than 48 hours trips, unit price : 149€.

The REGULAR size for trips up to 72 hours, unit price : 159€.

The TROLLEY BUS version, equipped with casters to facilitate travels. Trips over 72 hours, unit price : 189€. Where buy the travel bag ? http://www.agsportdistribution.com/4-ag-sportbags.

Discover the new collection in few days…


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