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This month, Trimax tried a pair of artisanal wheels for the IM France, let’s discover the wheels Revo Race Wheel.

Test realized by Sébastien RODRIGUEZ, photos SR@copyrights / test published in TrimaX-hebdo Magazine#142 _ july 2015






The wheels Revo Race Wheels are mounted by Stéphane Platon, who has the company REVO RACE CUSTOM BIKE, situated in Aisne, in Picardie. He is first of all a passionate of bike and beautiful material, this is why he has begun this activity with several roles, the mounting of artisanal wheels but also personalized paintings and reparations on carbon.

For this test, and as regards our participation to the Ironman France, Stéphane has mounted a pair of wheels totally adapted to the event, and above all to our profile of cyclist, on the basis of a pair of wheels RT30 with a profile of rim of 30mm.


why artisanal



PHOTO 1Wheels which come from fabrics are mounted industrially and the human hand doesn’t intervene a lot. Their goal is mainly to reduce the costs, wheels are produced in series to answer to very general needs, in order to target at a very wide range of profiles and above all of clients. As a result, the rays strain corresponds to a standard, not to your weight, your practice, your level…

An artisanal mounting of your wheels realized by an artisan must allow you to personalize your wheels to your weight, your practice and your budget. The strains will be more balanced, which should also improve a lot the life duration of your wheels, compared to a fabric mounting.

Then, for the purists and material lovers, choosing your components one by one, discussing technic, profiles, objectives, are parameters which will give you a big pleasure to ride with your wheels! Yes your wheels, because they will definitely be your wheels and not your friends’, the one you designed according to your needs.

This gait is the one we have followed during this testing, mounting a pair of wheels for the Ironman Nice, a wheel which suits to the race and also to the profile of the cyclist. For information, our tester is a former cyclist, quite light and with a polyvalent profile. On this course of Nice, he wants to do a time around 5h and 5h30 for an average power of 230-240 watts.


the rims



PHOTO 2 - LES JANTESThe mounting of a wheel begins with the choice of the rim profile. Revo Race Wheel offers carbon rims in high module fiber from TORAY. The finishing is in carbon 3K matt, which makes appear a thin braiding of the fiber.

These rims follow a trend of large rims with a width of 23mm, which bring a better lateral rigidity, also for a better collage of your tubular. Usually, a standard rim has a width of 20,5mm. Be careful to check if it will fit on your bike, especially on an old frame.

The personalization is made here on the height of the rim, and many solutions are offered to you. and 88 mm for the tubular versions. and 88 mm for the full carbon tire versions. mm in tire with aluminum braking version.

After hesitating, we have chosen to mount a pair of wheels in 30mm, an ideal profile for a hilly course as Nice and for a light cyclist. A choice which should allow not to loose on the flat parts and to be very at ease in hills with a pair of wheels very light, and also to ensure fast and securing descents with an agile wheel which doesn’t have too much wind resistance.


the hubs



PHOTO 3 - LES MOYEUXFor the mounting of hubs, multiple solutions are offered to you. In Revo Race Wheel, you can choose among the following brands: Dtswiss, chris king, hope, tune.

But also the home-made hub Revo Race Wheel, which we have chosen for this testing.

The hub is built in aluminum 7075 T6 for the hub body and axis, with a treatment T6 which allows to harden the material.

They are available in an anodized black color. They have a concave plate which allows a better course of the rays.

The drilling of holes is adapted to aero rays.

They have a gearing system of the freewheel of 3 clicks with nine points of anchorage in total, that is to say three points of anchoring on each clicks (which makes a very pleasing sound in freewheel!)

The gearing track is 48 tooth against 24 on a standard hub which gives him a dubbed reactivity in restart.


the rays



PHOTO 4 - LES RAYONSFor the rays, Revo Race Wheels offers Sapim CX Ray. For them, it is the best on the market now with the DT Swiss Aerolite. A lab testing confirms that the Sapim CX Ray is a little bit more resisting than the DT Aerolite.

So more resisting but above all less expensive, which explains the choice of the Sapim, allowing to offer a very good value for money mounting (990 € for the RT30).





PHOTO 5 - LIGATURESIn option, you can ask for the kevlar ligature in epoxy resin for 40€ Tax included. It improves the rigidity of your wheels and also has a convenience in case of ray braking. The latter remains in place, avoiding to tangle somewhere and eventually provokes a crash or an injury


on the road



To begin, we must confess that the wheels give a very beautiful style to our Cervélo P5. The colors match perfectly together, the final look is very esthetic, even if the P5 usually needs a very high pair of wheels to enhance it.

Beyond this esthetic detail, we must also confess that we are adepts of this wheel profile of 30mm. We must say that in our region of Nice, this rim height is compatible with a daily use, and in every type of fields.

On this side, the Revo Race Wheels didn’t disappoint us, they are as good as wheels of big companies, concerning the wind resistance as well as the agility in descents… In hills, this profile is also very performing, with a very light wheel. Knowing that a big majority of the rims on the market come from the same place (except some rare brands which produce their own rims), no surprise then.

It’s rather on the general behavior of the wheel that we have been bluffed! The concept of artisanal wheels was brand new for us, and we must say that we were not disappointed. More than the weight of the wheels, they have an incredible rigidity and vivacity. The whole also seems incredibly stable and precise, it is very agreeable in restarts and in more technical descents!

The hubs also seem very good, the whole is perfectly fluid, we really feel the gain that the freewheel body brings with its gearing track of 48 tooth (against 24 usually). The wheel seems to react very quickly, there is no dead time in restarts.

In summary, we have been really bluffed by these artisanal wheels, the hand-made mounting, corresponding to our needs, seems to really bring something more on the wheel behavior. We didn’t hesitate one second to mount these wheels on our bike for the IM Nice!




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