Shoes 33DFA by Asics


While some brands play on an extreme cushioning, others stands out by their range intended for the «natural run»… This is what offers the model 33DFA elaborated by Asics which has a drop of only 4mm… We are still on an extreme minimalist shoe but it is the most minimalist of Asics.

Test réalisé par JacVan / Test paru dans le magazine#144 – september 2015

« Imagine a brand new way of running. The road will seem closer than ever and each stride will constitute a training for your calfs. It will show results when you lace your padded shoes for the rest of your training to the race. You feel much more sensations in your feet and your calfs thanks to the intermediary sole close to the ground and the tail lowered of 4mm. It also helps you to find your most natural style of running. Feel the road as much as possible thanks to the intermediary ultra-thin sole and the low cushioning of the tail. Improve your capacity to run thanks to the Fluid Axis technology which allows your foot to run naturally.»

Here is what offers Asics in the description of its product… We have decided to understand what it’s about.

Technical characteristics : 

PHOTO 2California Slip Lasting

To get this additional stability and comfort, the stem is sewed around a canvas or EVA panel, then fixed to the intermediary sole.


PHOTO 3Solyte® Midsole Material

TAll superficial weight is removed from the intermediary sole, without compromising the ? and stability, in order to allow you to go fast, while remaining at ease and stable.



PHOTO 43M Reflective

Reflective material of 3M which ensures your security and your visibility when you run in the night.


PHOTO 5Solid Rubber outsole

This outside sole in high density solid rubber lasts longer and offers a better adherence on difficult fields.





The most resisting rubber, placed on key zones of the outside sole, in order to offer you even more adherence and durability.



PHOTO 7Removable Sockliner

A false EVA sole designed to match with the shape of your foot. It is also removable, to allow you to replace it by an orthopedic sole.





chaussure 8FluidAxis

The profound grooves of flexion of the shoe match with the articulations of your foot and fol – low your movements. The shoe recognizes your way of running, adapts to it and reacts, to allow you to run more naturally.




On the road…

We have tested this shoe on several sessions: fast and endurance, on trails, roads, and on the track. The first feeling when you put it is comfort. It is flexible and nothing disturbs the foot. This shoe allows you to quickly adapt and feel good.

The absence of shell on the tail is surprising. Surprising, because it highly facilitates the threading of the shoe without damaging the maintaining of the tail during the effort. Moreover, time doesn’t seem to spoil this part of the shoe.

We regret however that the shoe is not more aerated that some other models because it is a little bit warm and lacks of breathability. We appreciate in winter, it doesn’t disturb in spring and in autumn but in summer, this detail is a little bit more present.

PHOTO 9During the first strides, we have been agreeably surprised by the contact to the ground which seems soft and agreeable despite a 4mm drop. But the advantage of this minimalist shoe is that it will be at once dynamic and fast. We get an excellent compromise between comfort and dynamism for a shoe which remains very light.

This lightness doesn’t imply that we only do short and fast sessions. The shoe is also quite polyvalent to keep a constant rhythm, allowing a good unwound.

Be careful, beyond some distances (after the halfmarathon), it will be reserved to runners who have a light stride and spend not much time to the ground or to people used to a quite low drop.

On the track, this shoe has demonstrated once again its dynamism and its nervousness. However, the catcher of the sole doesn’t seem efficient enough during speed chases where the forefoot is more solicited.

Finally, we have also tested on trails. This model suits perfectly to forest tracks for runners who don’t have ankle problems. The catcher remains good even on muddy tracks.

Anyway, a nice shoe for those who want a polyvalent model. A shoe which will bring a natural touch to runners who want to have new feelings without having to adapt as we should for a zero drop. It will be as good for trainings as for races, especially for all the runners with a light stride. If you want to do longer sessions or races, it is advised to have a transition phase with thinner drops especially if you are not used to it.

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