Maxi Morales from Argentina and Jindriska Zemanova from the Czech Republic captured the 24th XTERRA World Championship overall amateur titles in Kapalua, Maui on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

Morales, 43, a former XTERRA elite racer, finished 20th overall in 2:50:58, a little more than two minutes ahead of 22-year-old Jacques Martinez of France.

Brian Tetard, also from France, finished third overall just ahead of 17-year-old Robbie Day from Colorado and Julien Buffe of France.

In the women’s chase Zemanova defended her amateur title from a year ago with a time of 3:15:20, a full nine minutes ahead of runner-up Coralie Redlsperger of France, and good for 9th place overall woman ahead of many elites.

Julie Martinez from France finished four seconds in front of Jana Pichlikova from the Czech Republic for third, and Celine Viaud from France was fifth.

“Coach” Calvin Zaryski from Canada won his ninth World title, this time in the 50-54 division. His first Maui win came back in 2006 when he raced in the 35-39 division.  Only Ed Fattoumy from Morocco, who won his 11th title in the physically challenged division last year, and Peter Wood, who won his 10th title in the 70-74 division, have more age group championships than Zaryski.

The only other amateur with nine titles is Wendy Minor (70-74), Barbara Peterson has eight (60-64), and this year Lorenn Walker (pictured) from Waialua, Hawaii (60-64 division) joined Tom Lyons as the only other amateur with seven XTERRA World Championship crowns.

Also on Sunday Carol Rasmussen from Denmark picked up her fourth title (55-59), Michel Gonon won his third in four years in the PC division, and Josie Sinclair from New Zealand won her second title (60-64) 15 years after she won her first in the 40-44 division back in 2004.

2019 XTERRA Age Group World Champions

Men by Division
Age Group Name Hometown Time
15-19 Robbie Day Evergreen, Colorado 2:55:09
20-24 Jacques Martinez Avon, France 2:53:06
25-29 Alejandro Pareja Villar Soto Del Real, Spain 2:55:40
30-34 Julien Buffe Fontenay, France 2:55:16
35-39 Alejandro Lozano Espinosa Madrid, Spain 2:56:01
40-44 Maximiliano Morales General Roca, Argentina 2:50:58
45-49 Marc Pschebizin Mertesdorf, Germany 3:02:41
50-54 Calvin Zaryski (9) Calgary, Canada 2:58:06
55-59 Simon Taylor Hove, Great Britain 3:19:05
60-64 Paul Simons Auckland, New Zealand 3:39:12
65-69 Jiri Slegr Male Svatonovice, Czech 3:48:32
70-74 Alan Moore Ada, Michigan 4:31:44
PC Michel Gonon (3) Villard De Lans, France 3:59:02
Women by Division
Age Group Name Hometown Time
15-19 Beatriz Ferreira Golega, Portugal 3:45:48
20-24 Shiva Leisner Hoejbjerg, Denmark 3:32:09
25-29 Emily Cameron Athens, Georgia 3:29:13
30-34 Jana Pichlikova Strakonice, Czech 3:26:00
35-39 Jindriska Zemanova (2) Plzen, Czech Republic 3:15:20
40-44 Celine Viaud Reze, France 3:26:40
45-49 Jennifer Razee Edwards, Colorado 3:36:35
50-54 Christine Grant Gainesville, Georgia 4:00:29
55-59 Carol Rasmussen (4) Karlslunde, Denmark 3:36:45
60-64 Josie Sinclair Auckland, New Zealand 4:02:34
65-69 Lorenn Walker (7) Waialua, Hawaii 4:48:21
XTERRA Worlds Highlights

Garcia, Knape win Outrigger Resorts Double Awards

Oscar Alberto Garcia from Argentina and Uta Knape from Germany captured the 2019 Outrigger Resorts Double award for posting the fastest combined Ironman and XTERRA World Championship times.

Garcia went 9:34:58 in Kona and 2:58:12 in Maui, which was good enough for third place in the 40-44 division.  His combined time was 12:33:10, more than 10-minutes faster than the runner-up, Adrien Pascal of France.

Knape finished IM in 11:54:56 and XTERRA in 3:53:31 for a combined time of 15:48:27, roughly 16-minutes quicker than Megan Arthur from Hamilton, New Zealand.

Both Garcia and Knape won a four-night stay at The Kapalua Villas so they can come back to Maui and defend their double crowns in 2020.  There were 19 triathletes representing 10 countries who successfully completed the grueling challenge.  Here’s a look at their times:

2019 Outrigger Resorts Double Results

M40-44 Oscar Alberto Garcia ARG 9:34:58 02:58:12 12:33:10
M30-34 Adrien Pascal FRA 9:44:01 03:00:56 12:44:57
M40-44 Antonio Neta BRA 9:35:42 03:14:47 12:50:29
M45-49 Patrice Lilloni FRA 10:03:54 03:12:40 13:16:34
M35-39 Jorge Ascani ARG 10:05:18 03:25:36 13:30:54
M55-59 Josef Diepold GER 10:15:13 03:20:37 13:35:50
M50-54 Marek Antoniak EST 10:12:11 03:38:36 13:50:47
M50-54 Daryl Smith USA 10:49:50 03:27:18 14:17:08
M55-59 Trevor Buchanan AUS 10:48:19 03:32:37 14:20:56
M45-49 Greg Becker RSA 11:34:23 04:03:35 15:37:58
M60-64 Tom Monica USA 12:00:21 03:44:07 15:44:28
F45-49 Uta Knape GER 11:54:56 03:53:31 15:48:27
F45-49 Megan Arthur NZL 12:22:13 03:42:34 16:04:47
F40-44 Angie DeFilippi USA 12:12:48 03:52:55 16:05:43
M50-54 Dai Matsui JPN 12:45:20 03:48:08 16:33:28
M60-64 Andrew McLeod NZL 12:41:24 03:58:38 16:40:02
M60-64 Thierry Foulounoux FRA 12:32:16 04:09:24 16:41:40
F55-59 Rebecca Smith USA 12:27:05 05:07:52 17:34:57
M50-54 Todd Meadows USA 15:09:17 04:30:26 19:39:43

Karaskova Erbanova inducted into XTERRA Hall of Fame

On Friday evening, October 25, 2019, at the pre-race welcome dinner for the XTERRA World Championship, Helena Karaskova Erbenova of the Czech Republic was the 13th inductee into the XTERRA Hall of Fame.

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