There’s one man dominating the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus right now: Belgian Pieter Heemeryck already had a very strong lead, but after his victory at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN he increased the lead on his opponents even more. There have been some changes to the women’s ranking after the race results in Geraardsbergen. The German athlete Daniela Bleymehl has managed to take over the lead in the women’s ranking at this point in the season.


It’s almost unbelievable how strong Heemeryck is. After four wins at CHALLENGEDAYTONACHALLENGESALOU, CHALLENGEGRANCANARIA and CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and a second place at THECHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin (double points), he now has a total of 1400 points. « This World Bonus is my main goal for this season », he said before the race in Belgium. Not that strange, since runner-ups Romain Guillaume and Sebastian Kienle both have 750 points, just half of Heemeryck’s total right now.


In Geraardsbergen, it was Thomas Steger who was second to cross the line, thanks to an incredibly strong run. His second place earned him 200 points and brought his total to 400, where he now shares sixth place together with Pablo Gonzalez Dapena. Third place in the iconic Belgian race was David Bishop. This earned him 150 points to add to his total of 140 points and he now has a total of 290 points. Together with Thomas Davis, Bishop now shares 14th place.


You can check the current male rankings here:


New leader in women’s ranking

With just a slight lead of 35 points on Lisa Roberts, Daniela Bleymehl has now taken the lead in the women’s CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus ranking. The German athlete demonstrated her power once again in Geraardsbergen and was first to cross the line after an astonishing race. This victory added 250 points to her current total and her 1000 points have put her to the top of the table ahead of Lisa Roberts, who was leading the women’s ranking for a considerable time. Roberts now has 965 points and is in second place. It remains exciting because Carolin Lehreider (675), Elisabetta Curridori(675) and Radka Kahlefeldt (650) are close behind.


At CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN it was Fenella Langridge who took second place and claimed her first 200 points in the World Bonus. She shares 16th place, together with Alicia Kaye, Tessa Kortekaas, Margie Santimaria, Eva Wutti, Els Visser and Anja Ippach. Sara van de Vel, who came third in Geraardsbergen also earned her first 150 points of the season and is on a shared 23rd position together with 8 other athletes.

You can check the current female rankings here:

CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus Explained

CHALLENGEFAMILY has introduced a pro athlete bonus scheme to its races. The initiative provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a USD 150,000 end-of-season bonus as well as a prize purse at the races. The USD 150k bonus will pay five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pro taking home $30k, second will earn $20k and third will win $14k, fourth $8k and fifth $3k. Ranking will be decided through a points system based on placings earned.


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