Hello everybody,
Three weeks after my 2nd place at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, I was again at the start of a competition on Sunday ! The recuperation couldn’t be 100% yet, which I’m aware of, but it’s still important to work on my speed again. And things can always be a little faster during a race than when training ;-). This is why I chose the ¼ triathlon of Marseille, included in the Ironman 5150 circuit.
Just like last year, I came second after Anthony Costes. What was most important to me was the evaluation of the feeling in the three disciplines. And to be honest, I’m very proud of this ! In the swim (4th out of the water) and the bike (shifted to 2nd position) I performed at a high level, without question. The sea swim and the hilly bike course certainly don’t make it a super fast race! But I’m most satisfied about the run. A time of 32 min 36 sec across the 10 km is pretty good for me. In view of the start of the main preparation for Hawaii, this is a very decent basic speed.
The next three weeks I will be training in Northern Spain. An intensive training period before my only Belgian competition in Deinze on August 24.
I’ll keep you informed!
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