Many of you know that legendary British triathlete Tim Don was immobilized in his neck, and wore a medical halo with screws, after getting hit by a car shortly before the 2017 Ironman World Championship in Kona. He returned to triathlon this weekend to win Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica in 03:49:59. Aussie Ryan Fisher finished almost a minute later to claim silver.

USA ruled the women’s podium. Lauren Goss finished first in 04:29:15, followed by Nicole Valentine just shy of 10 minutes later.

Pro Men – Finish

1 3:49:59         Tim Don
2 3:50:57    0:58 Ryan Fisher
3 3:54:26    4:27 Santiago Ascenco
4 3:59:51    9:52 Felipe Van De Wyngard
5 4:06:01   16:03 Paulo Roberto Maciel

Pro Women – Finish
1 4:29:15         Lauren Goss
2 4:39:09    9:55 Nicole Valentine
3 4:44:26   15:12 Sarah Cameto
4 5:01:13   31:59 Lotty Harari


The Man with the Halo | Official Documentary

A year ago Tim Don broke the Ironman world record. Then his life turned upside down. It’s been a year of a broken neck and unbreakable ambition. Of titanium and bone. Of staring down adversity. Of refusing to be denied your destiny. This is the story of the Man with the Halo.

Publiée par On sur Lundi 28 mai 2018

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