Spaniard Emilio Aguayo of CDM Club CLAVANT Moncada and British Lucy Charles of Club Team CB have registered their names today in the list of the XXXV Triathlon Volcano, the oldest in Spain, and they have done brilliantly. The race counted with near 470 participants, with great presence of many canaries followed by mainlanders and foreigners. The day was cloudy with good temperature, and without the dreaded wind, a circumstance that greatly helped the evolutions of the participants, as reflected in the marks achieved.

Excellent performance of the Spanish Emilio Aguayo

The swimming part took place in the Lagoon of la Santa at 10 o’clock. The first to leave the water would be the Tenerife of the Disa HPS, Ricardo Hernandez, followed by a single second of the current leader of the Canaries Triathlon series, Raúl Lecuona, and then Emilio Aguayo. In the second segment, 40 km. On the road that goes towards Famara passing through Soo, the Spaniard Aguayo completed an excellent journey making the best partial, taking the head by Caleta Caballo shortly after starting with the excellent time of 56 minutes 51 seconds. It would reach the third and final segment of 10 km. in the direction of the town of La Santa with several turns, and here the Spanish Aguayo was intractable, with the best part-time of 32 minutes 31 seconds, entering the finish line to the champion with a total time of 1 hour 52 minutes 27 seconds, followed of German Stefan Schmid with 1 h. 55.34 and from Tenerife Raúl Lecuona with 1 h. 55.46, strengthened his dominance in the Canary Series of Triathlon. The two best Canarians behind Lecuona were Ricardo Hernández (6th) and Juan Luis Díaz Barroso (9th).

Lucy Charles intractable

In the women’s section, the British Lucy Charles said days before that she was going to take the competition as a training and she did, but her level is so great that she came out of the water in 18 minutes 8 seconds, she made the second best partial on the bike that would correspond to the Dutch, based in Lanzarote Tessa Kortekaas with 1 h.03.20, but in the race on foot she would recover the advantage of her rival, making the best time with 38 minutes 11 seconds. His final triumph was unappealable with a total time of 2 h. 05.12, followed by Kortekaas with 2 h.10.43 and Belgian Amber Rombaut (ITZU Tri team) with 2h. 14.12. The best Canarian would be the Raquel Arostegui from Tenerife in the fourth place with 2 h. 16.28. In this way, the Canary Islands achieved some great results in their first competition in the Canary Series, since they had been in the Peninsula participating in the Spanish Championship with their current team the Imps of Rivas.

Excellent organization of the Club La Santa, with enough public, witnessed the event, especially swimming and running, since the cycling circuit was outside the facilities of the aforementioned club. At night the awards ceremony of the best in their respective categories is scheduled.



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